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Welcome to Brogborough

The Parish of Brogborough lies by Junction 13 of M1 which is in Mid Bedfordshire. Many of the properties used to be owned by the brickworks but as the brickworks closed the properties became privately owned or purchased by Housing Authorities. There is a shop and a chinese takeaway restaurant and the community is blessed with a village hall which is run by the Brogborough Social Ammenities Association. There are two lower schools, middle schools and upper schools not too far away from the village.

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Who's Who

Key members of the Brogborough Parish Council.


Parish Councillor

Claire Westerman

Parish Councillor

Alison Moss

Parish Councillor

Jeannette Newbery

Parish Councillor

Denise Tuitt

Parish Councillor and Chair

Tom Elsdon

Parish Councillor

Neil Wright

Parish Councillor

Lizzie Barnicoat

Interim Parish Council Clerk

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